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September 1994 saw the birth of Metal Processes (1959) Limited’s advance in to an exciting “NEW TECHNOLOGY” that was changing American manufacture. The production starting point of a products production cycle changed from the historical use of flat sheet material to the laser cut and formed blank.

Laser cut and formed blanks influenced the UK production and started a cost down evolution of the product build, raw material sheet stocks could be reduced, opening up extra manufacturing floor space and avoiding the need to employ skills for marking out, cutting shapes and drilling holes.

Those Companies that followed the purchase route of Laser cut and folded parts were able to cut their delivery dates and save costs by using pre produced sub-assemblies.

In 1994, Metal Processes (1959) Limited seized this opportunity and became one of the 8, subcontract flatbed Laser cutters in the UK. Our knowledge of Laser cutting technology has grown during those years and we have been part of the subsequent number of contributors to the exponential advancement in the laser applications and machine capabilities including advances in software programming and control.

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